Sea Odyssey - Giant Spectacular


Royal De Luxe is a company made up of actors, aerialists, engineers, inventors, technicians, metal-workers and poets, led by Artistic Director Jean-Luc Courcoult. Founded in 1979, and now based in Nantes, they are recognised across the world for pioneering new forms of street theatre.


During the 1980’s one of Royal De Luxe’s most successful touring shows 'Roman Photo' or 'Photo Novel', originally devised for train stations, played 240 times in 22 countries across Europe and Latin America. In the Spring of 1987 the company spent a 10-week residency in southern Morocco. This formative experience led them to challenge traditional western theatre forms. Their lengthy tours of Cameroon and rural China influenced the telling of their ‘contemporary myths’.


The Giants’ saga began in 1993 when the company decided to build a 34ft tall giant made of pieces of wood and operated by artist technicians for the show ‘Le Géant tombé du ciel’ or ‘The Giant who Fell from the Sky’. Since then more Giants have been brought to life, including the Little Girl Giant, the Little African Giant, a giant giraffe, the giant elephant which starred in London in 2006, and many other magical machines.


These Giants take part in shows, which bring together millions of people and have become the most easily identifiable signature piece of the company. Their stories speak a universal language and respond to events, which have shaped the collective memory of cities, such as the 21st anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall in 2010 and the Bicentenary of Mexican Independence in 2011.


And now they’re coming to Liverpool…


The Royal De Luxe directors are all inspired by Liverpool and excited about the resonance their work will have here.


"Since my first visit to Liverpool, I have felt a deep affinity with this city and the unique spirit of your people. The rich mythology surrounding the history of the Titanic made a strong impression on me, and it is only right that our telling of this story, originally conceived in Liverpool, returns to the city in April 2012 for a final telling.


“What better timing that the Centenary of this global tragedy, for us to give a new narrative back to the people of Liverpool from which to construct a different future." -  Jean-Luc Courcoult, Liverpool 2011


Royal De Luxe Artistic Director Jean Luc Courcoult © Serge Koutchinsky